Proudly serving the community since 1952

Croeso / Welcome. Originally known as the Borough Male Voice Choir when first formed in 1952, the choir’s name was changed to Pembroke & District Male Voice Choir in 1974 after the Local Government Act removed Borough status from Pembroke.

The choir has travelled widely, England, Germany and Ireland are some of the places we have visited. Appearances at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the massed Voices concert have been a regular feature where our then Choir Secretary, Phil Lloyd, was a major influence in the organisation and staging of the concerts. He also compéred the concerts to a standard bettered by none. 

The original Conductor, Mr W P (Bill) Lewis (“The Boss” as he is fondly referred to) remained our inspirational and much respected conductor for over 47 years until he  sadly passed away in 1999. Mr David Gwynn (chorister and deputy conductor) took over the baton briefly after the passing of "The Boss", but gave up the position after a short period to be followed to popular, overwhelming acclaim by WP Lewis' daughter, Christine Lloyd. She too possesses the same inspirational qualities as her father and is a respected much loved and revered figure by choristers and members of the public alike. Her own work in the community and for the church is mostly unsung but of inestimable value to the recipients. Other family members who have been involved are Phil (husband),Jenny Griffiths (grandaughter and accompanist) and Steven Lloyd (grandson and 2nd bass).  

The choir have used several practice facilities over the years including many years residence in the old Coronation School. Sadly the Council decided the school was unfit for modern purposes, lack of disabled access being the primary reason and closed the building in 2005.  Choir memorabilia, pianos and many other things collected over the years had to be considered essential but sadly there was little space in the new temporary practice hall of the “Blue School” Pembroke Dock. However, in 2008 the choir received an offer from St Teilos Church, Pembroke Dock to use the hall and adjoining small church as their new practice home. This was a heaven sent gift and solved the choirs problem. From the moment of entry the choir knew that it would fit them like a glove. It it simply perfect; warm, homely and welcoming. The choir remains grateful to St Teilos for their generosity. 

Commitment to the choir is a source of great pride and many choristers have been members for some time. The spirit and respect for what the choir represents and does for the local community is a key element of service for all members.  

The choristers come mainly from within 15 miles of the practice home of St Teilos Church and have  a busy practice and concert schedule which is often booked 12-18 months ahead. The choir also has commitments to associations of which it is a member, namely the Welsh Association of Male Voice Choirs, Ty Cerdd and The National Association of Choirs.   

A wide repertoire allows Choir programmes to be tailored by the conductor to match the venue and audience. Places of worship, village halls, town halls and major concert halls are examples of performance venues requiring differing programmes. 

The Choirs latest CD contains a wonderful mix of musical offerings, including our soloists, that fully demonstrates the choir’s capabilities. The CD can be purchased at concerts or from the Secretary via our website. 

Principles and beliefs of the Choir in no order of priority, can be summarised thus: 

The love of music and song and the pleasure it brings to choristers and audience.

Treasure and develop the Welsh Choral Tradition

Develop bonds of fellowship through choral harmony.

Be a force for good, serve and help the community to raise funds for local good causes.

Attain the best choral standard possible. 

 All expenses for related travel, dress and other matters are borne by the choir members themselves. The choir exists financially on subscriptions and donations alone, and no charges are levied for concerts for good causes. 

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this brief resume of the choir and invite you to explore our website pages further where you will become more familier with our choir and it's members.




Choir Contact

    For information or to request a concert, contact the Secretary:

     Dean Maiden on 07779 905995    

Contact our Secretary - Dean Maiden on 07779 905995