The choir are indebted to the undermentioned who have sponsored us over the past years:


Adept Cleaners

W.P.Lewis & Son

Felinfoel Brewery

Milford Haven Port Authority


Vice Presidents and Life Vice Presidents

 Vice Presidents

Support for the Choir also comes privately by payment of a very modest subscription and the bestowing of Vice President Status.

The following is a list of P&DMVC’s Vice Presidents.

Should the web site visitor feel that they too would like to join the VP’s list then please contact the Choir’s Secretary for further details.






Mrs A Bailey

Mr Lee Smith

Mrs J Cole

Mrs J Thomas

Mrs M Brown

Mrs P Bury

Rev.& Mrs M Cox

Mr & Mrs H Davies

Mr & Mrs C Collins

Mrs M Crouch

Mrs W Childs


Mr & Mrs H Davies

Mrs S Denman

Dr R Dickie


Mrs M Dooley

Mrs S Shaw

Mrs M Colgan

Mrs C Evans

Mr & Mrs G Evans

Mr & Mrs M Ford

Mrs A Gilbert

Mrs H Owen

Mr H Goodrick

Mr S Harries

Mrs P Hare

Mr M Harries

Mrs K Herbert

Mrs E Merriman

Mr J James

Mrs G Smith

Mrs PJones

Rev & Mrs R Jones

Mr B Hoey


Mrs J Lewis

Mr & Mrs L Meddings

Mrs D Morgan

Mrs N Lloyd

Mr  S Monson

Mrs C Edwards

Mrs G Nicholas

Mr D Nicholas

Mrs K Hancock

Mrs F Owen


Mrs A Powling

Mr & Mrs N Roberts

Mr T Robinson

Mr P Robinson

Mr C Robinson

Mr D Robinson

Mr H James
Mr & Mrs D Evans

Mr & Mrs P Varner

Mrs E Minchin

Mrs E Davies







Life VP - Frank Harries. BEM

Life VP - Ron Lloyd

Life VP - Phil Lloyd

Life VP - Chris Lloyd

Life VP - Joan Lewis

Life VP - Steve Lloyd

Life VP - D Bentley, Swansea